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My interview with ImerfuZion

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Stress... Uncertainty... Sadness... Depression... Burn-out...

Do some of these words resonate with you and keep you from moving forward and

flourish on your life path?

I've been there and maybe you aren't here by chance...

I can help you find your way (and your voice) again and guide you to realign your internal energies.

This alignment will give you:

a clear direction, a goal and the certainty of moving forward with confidence on your Path of life;

a Self-realization and the ability to see and perceive beyond everyday reality;

a Powerful Voice and a true impact with your Words so you can express your true values;

a Sincere love of yourself and of others in order to be able to give and receive;

a Personal development that gives you self-confidence and growth;

a refill of  Energy and Vitality which makes you radiate from the inside and diffuse it to others;

a Solid Anchorage that allows you to unload all your negative energy and draw your positive energy when you feel the need...

Don't be satisfied with a life in Black - Gray - White...

but add Colours to your life!



ReikiVox is an original and unique method of voice therapy that combines voice and Reiki philosophy;

for an amplified self-healing power,

a serene mind and self-fulfillment


Healing technique and energetic balance

by "laying on hands"

or by power of thought



Therapeutic Vibratory Singing

and Intuitive Singing;

a spontaneous, vibrant and deep singing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy administered by "laying on hands"

or by the force of intention.
Among its benefits, it can strengthen the immune system, dissolve energy blockages, accelerate the self-healing process, decrease the physical pain, induce a deep relaxation and elimination of stress, and increase the well-being, vitality and consciousness.

Reiki is also the connection to Universal Love.

ReikiVox 3 positions Reiki.JPG

Vox ("Voice" in Latin)

The Voice is our internal instrument, unique to each one and fabulous. Each of the sounds produced by the voice corresponds to a specific vibration; whether you are the one singing or just listen to another voice.

The Therapeutic Vibratory Singing offers an "internal massage" to the body because it reaches the heart of the cells . It helps in the harmonization of the body, releases sorrow and pains and opens up to joy, creativity and communication.



is a method that combines Therapeutic Vibratory Singing and Reiki philosophy.

It is not a matter of learning Reiki "Usui" or "sound" Reiki, but of a method resulting from my own vibratory feeling, accessible to all thanks to my guidance.

At one point or another in our life, most of us go through a period of transition.

This method was created during one of those times when I felt the need to refocus on myself by continuing to practice my Reiki self-healing.

At one point, I spontaneously started to sing, and my inner vibrations increased dramatically.

Today, I want to share this method with you.


"Voice & Chakras"

1st ReikiVox Album-Therapy


Some extracts to discover more:

The use of headphones is recommended.

Medley Voix & ChakrasReikiVox
00:00 / 02:24
Pochette EN bis.JPG

The album contains:

Spoken guidance:

- 9 tracks of guidance (an introduction, a guidance for each note and a conclusion)

Sung treatments:

- The 7 notes sing individually (one for each chakra)

- An emergency release treatment in 7 positions

- A release-recharge treatment in 14 positions

- A release-recharge treatment in 21 positions

- A Reiki Usui treatment in 21 positions

With the sound of a bell between each position

In total, around 4 hours of treatment in format mp3 with a studio quality!

+ 8 PDF documents:

- A list of album tracks

- "The Chakras"

- A preparatory routine checklist

- "How to choose your treatment + last advises"

- Photos of the positions for each treatment (4)

This Album-Therapy is suitable for everyone; even if you've never heard of Reiki or vibratory singing because you will be guided by my voice!

With this first album, I invite you to travel to the heart of your chakras, learn how they work and develop your sense of self-healing.

The whole album is recorded in 432Hz; the vibratory frequency of the Earth, which helps you to heal and to open yourself to joy!

The album is available with guidance tracks in 4 different languages:

French, English, Dutch and Italian.

Price: 25€

Important note: This album does not replace a first degree Reiki initiation, but is complementary!


2nd ReikiVox Album-Therapy

Some extracts to discover more

The use of headphones is recommended.

ReikiVox album Voyages.png
00:00 / 08:37

The album contains:

Guided meditations and chanting:

- 7 guided meditations and chanting (1 for each chakra)

Sung treatments:

- 4 treatments (7, 14 and 21 positions + 21 positions Usui)

Treatment with bell between each position

- the same treatments in a "relaxation" version, without a Reiki bell


With 2 bonuses: 

- The video edition "Between sky and sea"!

- 7 inspiring photos from Valentina Merico which illustrate the 7 chakras! @Solovale_travelblog

In total, around 7 hours of treatment in studio quality mp3 format!

In this second album - with my guided mindfulness meditations - I invite you to travel to the heart of your chakras and to the depths of your soul.

The whole album is recorded in 432Hz; the vibratory frequency of the Earth, which helps you to heal and to open yourself to joy!

The album is available with guidance tracks in 4 different languages:

French, English, Dutch and Italian.

Price: 25€


Do you have to "believe in it" for it to work?

Not at all! By being open to the reactions of your body, some of you may start to "vibrate" from the first notes, while others will have the impression of "feeling nothing". And this is normal, even from one treatment session to another, the body's reactions can be very different for each person because they take place at the level of our cells and are not controllable nor comparable.

My work accomplices ...

Domi Studio.JPG

Domi Studio

Recording studio in Boussu (BE)


Dom understands my projects and knows how to enhance my voice.

With him, there have always been wonderful collaborations, for many years!

Logo pictures4events.jpg


Event photographer


Gaëtan Gillet knows how to capture the right pose at the right time.

He took most of the photos that appear on this website.

Solovale Travelblog.JPG


Translator-interpreter and international blogger


Valentina Merico

for her language coaching, her invaluable encouragement and her inspiring travel blog ...

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