Singing lessons, coaching and vocal therapy

(Re-)discover your voice - Balance yourself - Vibrate - Harmonize - Flourish - Smile at your life!

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  Singing lessons


These courses are for you if:

- You like to sing and you want to discover / go further with your voice and find / change your style while having fun!

- You used to love singing in the past and you stopped doing it because of a too stressful / overwhelming personal or professional life.

Course method adapted to each level

(knowledge of music theory is not necessary!)

and to all musical styles.

Breathing techniques - Rhythm - Vocalization - Work on music pieces of your choice -

Stage presence


Find your fulfillment through music and the pleasure of singing!


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  Vocal coaching


This coaching is for you if:

You already have the basics of singing and you want to go a step further by giving concerts and participating in competitions or if you want to make yourself known and or are preparing the a demo recording.

-> I will guide you in choosing your titles and setting up your repertoire

-> We will work together on your texts and your diction, as well as on your accuracy and the emotion that you put in your voice and that you will transmit to your audience (live or via your demo)

-> We will work together on your stage presence and the management of your stage fright

Take on challenges, get out of your comfort zone, push your limits

and make your dreams come true!

ReikiVox by Laurence Lo Presti

  Vocal therapy
Vibratory & intuitive singing


This therapy is for you if:

- You don't like your voice, you don't feel comfortable with it, you find that it doesn't represent the person you are and you want to realign yourself

- You have suffered or suffer from great shyness, you have trouble expressing what you feel and you feel blocked

- You have a disability or a speech disorder and you want to improve your voice pose, resonance and diction

- You quit smoking, you are going through or coming out of an illness that alters your voice and makes you lose control of it

- You are going through a difficult period or a burnout, your morale is down, you are trying to regain your motivation and you need a boost

Re-balance your life and give yourself some time to find your joy and creativity through your voice!

For online sessions (Skype):
60€/session 45min.

For lessons at the student's home (in Wallonie or Brussels):

70€/session 1h in the regions of Gesves - Ohey - Andenne - Assesse.

80€ - 120€/session 1h elsewhere in Wallonie.

150€ on Brussels and area.

My rates are calculated according to the place of your residence and the regularity of the lessons.
Contact me via the form below to get a quote!

Regular consultations and courses in 2022-2023:

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