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Singing lessons, coaching and vocal therapy

(Re-)discover your voice - Balance yourself - Vibrate - Harmonize - Flourish - Smile at your life!

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Singing lessons
learn to sing

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Vocal therapy
in the context of sleep

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Vocal coaching
concert, competition, studio


Vocal therapy
in the context of endometriosis

ReikiVox by Laurence Lo Presti

Vocal therapy
vibratory/intuitive singing


Coaching & Therapy
for voice professionals and vocal problems

For online sessions (Skype):
60€/session 1h.

For lessons at the student's home (in Wallonie or Brussels):

60€/session 1h in the regions of Gesves - Ohey - Andenne - Assesse.

70€ - 120€/session 1h elsewhere in Wallonie.

150€ on Brussels and area.

My rates are calculated according to the place of your residence and the regularity of the lessons.
Contact me via the form below to get a quote!

Ancre cours
Ancre cours réguliers

Regular consultations and courses in 2022-2023:


I organize one-offs 1/2 day workshops in different Centers in Belgium.
I work among others in collaboration with:

- Essentia in Liège
- Homeostasia in Gerpinnes
- Ressourcements in Overijse
- SleepClinic in Linkebeek
- ... elsewhere upon request ...

The workshops have various themes:

- Discovery of Therapeutic Vibratory Singing
- Discovery of Intuitive Singing
- Discovery of Therapeutic Vibratory Singing in the context of endometriosis
- Discovery of Therapeutic Vibratory Singing in the context of sleep
- Discovery of
 Therapeutic Vibratory Singing in the context of burnout
- ... tailor-made on demand ...

Ancre ateliers

What my students say about it
* authentic reviews on, and the Facebook page

Always positive and full of enthusiasm, Laurence makes us work on our voice without seeming to, with nice little scales, before letting go of us in vitaminized karaokes... I always leave her class with a light heart and full of energy, whatever the mood with which I entered it … and that is very precious 😊

Vocal coaching with Laurence combines both voice work, with extremely precise pedagogical skills, and care, through her approach to therapeutic vibratory singing. 
I warmly recommend her!
Ultreïa Well-being
I took a Vibrate your voice workshop with Laurence and I really appreciated her pedagogical approach and her enthusiasm. She immediately put the group at ease.

Laurence is a person full of heart and gentleness, handling her voice with extreme accuracy. I can only recommend her for her professionalism and what she exudes.
Great vocal coaching with lots of tools to manage your voice as a teacher, I recommend it!
Laurence is a wonderful singing coach, in addition to a wonderful voice, her lessons are fair and exciting, I recommend

First of all I will start by saying that Laurence is always a very smiling person, with whom we can talk about anything and who will always be behind the proposed projects!
She is also an excellent singer, who knows what she is talking about. After 1 hour of coaching, I had already learned a lot!
She always has the right advice and brings a lot of things to a beginner, as well as to an intermediate person but also to an experienced person. She always has her equipment with her, her notebook etc... always very professional!
I highly recommend for anyone who would like to learn to sing and who wants to have a good time.

Laurence's singing lessons are second to none. Because she is a determined and optimistic professional. She encourages us to discover the best of our vocal vibration. A pleasure to go to her class. She is also a person who is passionate and learning at her side is fun and educational. Laurence makes us move forward. She is a creative teacher, benevolent and organized in her behavior as in her ideas. She likes to discover our needs and meets our expectations, she even brings the little extra that makes all the difference, her Joie de vivre and her smile.
Thank you, can't wait for classes to resume!

Thanks to Laurence for her coaching.
Already 1 year that she follows our daughter Aloïse and we are not disappointed.
Her lessons allowed Aloïse to be more expressive on stage and more comfortable.
Thanks to her coaching, Aloïse even won 2 singing competitions in the 1st category! 😊
Professionalism and kindness define Laurence who invests herself with heart for her students.
If you are looking for a coach, I recommend her with closed eyes 😉

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