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2nd ReikiVox Album-Therapy


The album contains:

Guided meditations and chanting:

- 7 guided meditations and chanting (one for each chakra)


- An emergency release treatment in 7 positions

- An release-recharge treatment in 14 positions

- An release-recharge treatment in 21 positions

- A Reiki Usui treatment in 21 positions

The 4 treatments with the sound of a bell between each position

​+ the same without the bell, in a "relaxation" version

+ BONUS The track of the video edition "Between sky and sea"


In total, around 7 hours of treatment in format mp3 with a "studio"  quality!

+ 2 PDF documents:

- 7 inspiring photos from Valentina Merico which illustrate the 7 chakras!

- A list of album tracks

Album-Therapy "Travels" ENGLISH

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