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Vocal coaching & therapy
Voice Professionals / Voice Issues


This coaching / therapy is for you if:

- You are a voice professional: singer, teacher, speaker, lecturer, interpreter, therapist, presenter,...

- You have suffered or are suffering from vocal problems: vocal fatigue, nodules, rehabilitation of dysphonia, rehabilitation after a change of voice due to an emotional shock   (depression, burnout, mourning,.. .), a consequence of Covid (intubation or tissue damage), cancer of the throat or vocal cords,...
- You have suffered or are suffering from
vocal problems not visible on endoscopy and you are medically wandering in relation to the disorder(s) encountered

--> We perform together a complete vocal and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) assessment
--> I offer you a tailor -made coaching or therapy
--> I share all my tools with you in order to properly pose your voice and limit your vocal efforts
--> I teach you my "Complete program for voice professionals" :
        Physical care (TMJ massage, trigger points, fasciatherapy) and mental care
--> I refer you to another trusted voice professional when necessary


Re-find your authentic voice and use it with confidence and serenity! 

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