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Don't be a cry
Don't be an echo
But be a VOICE

Laurence Lo Presti
Vocal coach and holistic therapist
A voice for the Oceans and for Inclusion

Welcome to ReikiVox;

the original method of therapeutic vibratory singing 

based on the Reiki philosophy!


I gave a 1st university training in voice therapy 

at UDA-UCL in June 2023:

""Fulfilling and caring for your voice: from science to intuition"

Discover the video clip of the studio outing with my students from the Youth house "Le hangar" in Andenne (Belgium)!

To the video

My first concert and aquatic treatment in a swimming pool
at the O'smoz Center in Ohey (Belgium) had wonderful feedback!
Next swimming pool concerts will be planned in 2024!

To the agenda

ReikiVox is...

REIKIVOX - Centre Ressourcement Overijse - 03.jpg

Vocal coaching and voice therapy through vibratory singing & intuitive singing 


Tailor made musical and vocal composition for films and documentaries


Conferences, workshops and therapeutic concerts

The Albums-Therapy

Voice and Chakras

Medley Voix & ChakrasReikiVox
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00:00 / 08:37

"Everyone can create their own melody; the one that connects them to others and to the earth"

Laurence Lo Presti

Laurence Lo Presti - ReikiVox.jpg

Your guide

As passionate singer, songwriter, vocal coach and therapist, I firmly believe that music (especially singing or the use of voice) is a real therapy for body and soul.

It was when I lost my voice in September 2021 following a health crash that I became interested in all the physical and mental therapeutic aspects of the voice and became a 'resilience' coach and speaker.

Today I combine my passions and skills to put them at your service with ReikiVox, an original and unique method of holistic voice therapy based on Reiki philosophy.

My Voice is aligned with my Values!​

Because for me, without Values to represent, a Voice has no real meaning...

so I sing for the Oceans and Inclusion!

Why the Oceans?​


As a nature guide committed to the protection of the environment, I am involved in the protection of the Oceans, because they have always had an attraction for me and perhaps also because I was born on June 8th (world ocean day) and that this is the destiny that the universe had in store for me...

Noise Factory Studio - Le Hangar - MJ Andenne - pictures4events  29 bis.jpg

Why Inclusion?​

I have been a volunteer singing teacher at the Youth House "Le Hangar" in Andenne since September 2019.  There I help teenagers in difficulty to open their voices and find their way - whether they have or not a disability.  

A project that changed my life...

Help me support the projects and associations in which I believe

by becoming my co-producer!

Discover the latest video clips featured on YouTube!

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