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Don't be a cry
Don't be an echo
But be a VOICE!

Laurence Lo Presti
Vocal coach and therapist
A voice for our Blue Planet


Discover the video clip submitted to the competition of the Diving Fair in Paris


New collaboration with Low Prod, a committed audiovisual production association based in La Réunion!

I put my voice on the music of Marco Mourlaas for the documentary "Pandiyé"  whose release is scheduled for 2023, recordings are in progress...

More information soon!

ReikiVox is...

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Vibratory and intuitive singing lessons,
vocal coaching & therapy

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B2B vocal coaching and Team Building - business oriented sessions

Soin ReikiVox par Laurence Lo Presti

Individual sung Reiki treatments 


Tailor made musical and vocal composition for films and documentaries


Conferences, workshops and therapeutic concerts

The Albums-Therapy

Voice and Chakras

Medley Voix & ChakrasReikiVox
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"Everyone can create their own melody; the one that connects them to others and to the earth"

Laurence Lo Presti

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Your guide

As passionate singer, songwriter, vocal coach and therapist, I firmly believe that music (especially singing or the use of voice) is a real therapy for body and soul.

It was when I started teaching that I became a personal development, mindfulness and positive coach.

Today I combine my passions and skills to put them at your service with ReikiVox, an original method merging Reiki and Therapeutic Vibratory Singing.

Stress... Uncertainty... Sadness... Depression... Burn-out...

Do some of these words resonate with you and keep you from moving forward and

flourish on your life path?

I've been there and maybe you aren't here by chance...

I can help you find your way (and your voice) again and guide you to realign your internal energies.

This alignment will give you:

a clear direction, a goal and the certainty of moving forward with confidence on your Path of life;

a Self-realization and the ability to see and perceive beyond everyday reality;

a Powerful Voice and a true impact with your Words so you can express your true values;

a Sincere love of yourself and of others in order to be able to give and receive;

a Personal development that gives you self-confidence and growth;

a refill of  Energy and Vitality which makes you radiate from the inside and diffuse it to others;

a Solid Anchorage that allows you to unload all your negative energy and draw your positive energy when you feel the need...

Don't be satisfied with a life in Black - Gray - White...

but add Colours to your life!


Healing technique and energetic balance

by "laying on hands"

or by power of thought



Spontaneous, vibrant and deep singing



ReikiVox is an original method of well-being

that combinesReiki and Therapeutic Vibratory Singing;

for an amplified self-healing power,

a serene mind and self-fulfillment

The values ​​of ReikiVox

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Mutual aid

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Paysage d'hiver

And respect and preservation of our mother nature!

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