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Vocal therapy
Therapeutic Vibratory Singing and intuitive singing

ReikiVox by Laurence Lo Presti

This therapy is for you if:

- You don't like your voice, you don't feel comfortable with it, you find that it doesn't represent the person you are and you want to realign yourself

- You have suffered or suffer from great shyness, you have trouble expressing what you feel and you feel blocked

- You have a disability or a speech disorder and you want to improve your voice pose, resonance and diction

- You quit smoking, you are going through or coming out of an illness that alters your voice and makes you lose control of it

- You are going through a difficult period or a burnout, your morale is down, you are trying to regain your motivation and you need a boost

Re-balance your life and give yourself some time to find your joy and creativity through your voice!

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