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Meditation, Mindfulness and Resilience

Sessions and workshops for professionals and companies


After a degree in public relations, I worked for 15 years as a sales assistant, project management consultant in the banking sector and then in HR.  I know the stress that the work environment can bring, especially in these times of Covid where the possibilities to "decompress" or be able to "take your mind off" are limited ...

I started to lead sessions in the company where I worked and - having seen their positive and beneficial impact on my colleagues - I wanted to offer them to other companies.

I offer different formulas:

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B2B vocal coaching


Duration: variable

For all professionals whose voice is the main working tool: businessmen and businesswomen, consultants, salespeople, teachers, therapists,...

Specific intensive coaching individually:  voice opening, improved diction,  speaking  and  stress management in meetings or in public, in front of a customer, be comfortable with your body in its non-verbal expression and its movements,...

The coaching is also focused on the content of your activities.  

Concrete vocal coaching that strengthens your professional success!  

Book your session by videoconference here

Possibility of F2F sessions at Ressourcements in Overijse or at your home (Be - Lux).

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  Weekly sessions


or "Resilience"

Duration: 30min or 1h



+ Relaxing-energizing guided meditation

+ Physical energizing exercises

+ Acquisition of practical resilience tools for the "Resilience" sessions

"Mindfulness": pack of 1, 5 or 10 sessions of 30min.

"Resilience": complete program in 7 sessions of 1 hour each.

Wellness workshops that increase your potential for relaxation and resilience in your personal and  professional life!  

Only by videoconference.

(longer "Resilience" sessions are offered F2F - see Team Building)


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  "Tailor-made" workshops

Team building

Duration: variable


Depending on the profile of your company and the requests or needs of your teams, we discuss together in order to establish personalized sessions between 2 hours and 1 full day.

On the themes of mindfulness, resilience; and specific modules on voice opening, speaking  and stress management in meetings, in public or  in front of a client, to be comfortable with your body in its non-verbal expression and its movements, use a microphone,...
as well as a discovery workshop of singingsound therapy or music therapy etc.

Fulfillment workshops that strengthen your internal and external communication in the company ! 

Only F2F.


What are the objectives of these sessions/workshops?

  • Open your voice and manage stress when speaking in meetings or in public.

  • Discover the basics of meditation, mindfulness and the principles of resilience and then deepen them individually and in teams/groups within your company.

  • Discover the chakras, their role and how to realign them.

  • Find the roots of your tree of life and a positive grounding.

  • Acquire the tools to be able to discharge your negative energy and recharge yourself with positive energy when you feel the need.

  • Acquire concrete resilience tools (for the "Resilience" sessions).



What are their benefits in the context of entrepreneurship or business?

  • An open voice as well as easy, comfortable and self-confident speaking.

  • A good concentration for the day and the tools for an autonomous daily practice.

  • Increased attention span and focus, better mental productivity.

  • Relaxation and stress reduction.

  • Self-replenishment with positive energy.

  • A good mental resilience that prevents / or helps to get out of depression and burnout.

  • A culture of positive thinking.

  • An improvement in the cohesion of the teams or groups that will have followed the sessions together.

If you would like more information on the structure and content of these sessions as well as

the prices or a quote, I offer a first interview to present them to you.

The first interview is free!

Contact me via the form below.

For Team Building sessions (BE-LUX)

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